You can be knowledgeable without being wise.
You can be wise without being knowledgeable.
But to be knowledgeable and wise is the ultimate triumph.

Alinda Jansen

Knowledge is information of which someone is aware. Knowledge is also used to express the confidence of understanding a subject, potentially with the ability to use it for a specific purpose.

Wisdom is the ability to make correct judgement and decisions. It is an intangible quality gained through our experiences in life.

Knowledge is knowing or understanding something, especially about a particular subject. It is having awareness of facts and/or truths. It is also something that can be known, information.

Wisdom is the state of being wise, the ability to use knowledge and/or experience intelligently. It is the capability of determining what is wise versus what is unwise.

Knowledge is gained through learning facts. Someone who knows a lot about a certain subject, such as science or history, can be considered knowledgeable. Information found online or in books can help someone expand her knowledge on a topic.

Wisdom comes from observing experiences and learning from them in a way that affects future decisions and behavior; it is the capacity to see the truth of a matter, in spite of any illusions or distractions.

As a surgeon you already know having a lot of knowledge is just one part, you will also need wisdom to make the right decisions. PONSIST supports you to increase knowledge as well as to gain wisdom.



PONSIST closes the gap in the online medical world. It lets you go past the borders of your country and reach further than your local community and known network.

It’s a safe and non public environment that can be entered only by verified Healthcare Professionals so you can use the expertise of your respected peers when you need that extra pair of eyes or you can help your colleagues to crack a difficult case.


Medical professionals on a public platform often experience a few things. They are aware that their posts will be seen by others than healthcare professionals and tend to hold back.


Their mere visibility is often seen as a sales opportunity and will cause an abundance of commercial reactions. It seems there’s always someone that wants something from you. For many doctors and nurses these are reasons to be less visible online.

Some find a solution in closed and private groups on big social networks or local societies. Although this solves some of the previous issues, you also just reach a small fraction of everyone that is out there.


PONSIST doesn’t allow anyone who isn’t a medical professional to enter. You will not encounter sales reps, patients or anyone outside the medical field. It is the place where you can have levelled discussions with your peers, a place where you can just be a professional.


PONSIST lets you cross borders and reach the other side of the globe from behind your desk and all within your medical specialty. Learn from the best in your field of expertise and educate others by sharing your own best practices without needing to establish a personal connection first.

The information that you’ll receive is based on your specialty and your interests. You don’t need to have a following or a connection to be able to learn what others with the same specialty or interest share.


This approach brings you two advantages; it saves you the time and trouble of establishing your own network within a network and you can be sure to get all the information on the topics you want and nothing else. That includes the vast overlap between specialities we have in the world. The set up leaves you in control on the information you’ll receive.


PONSIST allows you to get in touch with colleagues that you may never encounter in the real world. Allowing you to conquer any physical distance instantly and to reach far beyond your traditional scope.

As soon as you come across a likeminded colleague, you are able to contact them directly by sending them an in-system direct message. Getting in touch with any of your worldwide peers has never been easier.


In a direct response to the misdeed of leading social networks PONSIST is built on a new business model.

It is unsponsored, doesn’t deal with third parties and will never commercialise your content or your personal details. 

We are becoming increasingly aware of the fact you tend to pay a high price for 'free' networks. It’s not a monetary cost, but when your online behaviour is turned into marketing and even political profiles that are sold to the highest bidder it becomes a slippery slope that isn't in your benefit. Data mining is the new gold.

Besides the well known digital giants there are other available medical platforms that can seem interesting to join for free. Such platforms are often sponsored by commercial parties hoping to gain an advantage on their competition through it, leaving the content or thought direction somewhat influenced if not plain biased.

PONSIST finds its income source solely from internal channels with PONSIST Store. PONSIST Store is an online store selling amazing apparel designed for Healthcare Professionals. This business model eliminates any need to find outside fundings as all the revenue of PONSIST store goes straight into PONSIST.


Equally important PONSIST does not track your behaviour, it does not influence posted content and it doesn’t mine your data. With fundings from within there’s no need to go there. In fact, we don’t want to go there, ever.

This business model sprung from personal frustration of seeing how people are being mislead and how companies abuse our trust as well as our details for their own financial gain. There’s a popular Dutch proverb ‘Verbeter de wereld, begin bij jezelf’ which roughly translate into ‘If you want to improve the world, start with yourself’ and that’s exactly what PONSIST does.

Think of PONSIST as a self supporting environment similar to a biotope. You can read the full details in our Our Agreement.


Unlike public platforms, PONSIST sets the standard when it comes to high quality content that holds scientific value.

Since it is only available to a highly specialised group you don’t have to deal with timeline pollution of advertisements or cute pictures.
You can be sure that your peers around the globe are the only ones that will see what you share.

There’s enough social media available where you can get your daily fix of funny video’s, handy lists to improve your life, advertisements or adorable shots of newborns and kittens to view.

However there’s not enough good quality medical content, global case discussions, unbiased opinions on medical devices or the perfect crowd to drop your medical challenges.

Even on the worlds leading professional network you still need to filter through the content that is of little value to you. This is not only distracting, but time consuming too.

PONSIST shows you articles based on your medical interests and nothing else.



PONSIST gives you a place to set up collaborations around the globe. Supporting you in arranging clinical trials, increasing your access to the numbers needed to treat or by finding like minded peers to join forces.

With an extra timeline, called Affiliations, that is designed especially for collaborations your reach and the ability to get in touch with the right colleagues improve greatly. Although this timeline has been developed with trials in mind, you can collaborate on many other levels with your peers. It works like a bulletin board and gives you the opportunity to make your appeal around the globe.


The Advisory Board strengthens PONSIST by offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives. Our respected Advisory Board members offer guidance to quality improvements and use individual wisdom to support developments.
Advisory Board membership is based on personal loyalty and not on compensation.
PONSIST proudly presents her Advisory Board members
Dr. Emiliano Chisci, EC, MD

Dr. Emiliano Chisci, EC, MD

Vascular Surgeon with an interest in Aortic surgery

San Giovanni di Dio Hospital - Florence, Italy

Dr. Pieter Poortman, PhD

Dr. Pieter Poortman, PhD

Gastrointestinal Surgeon with an interest in Oncologic surgery

Dijklander Ziekenhuis - Purmerend, The Netherlands

Dr. Zsolt Antal Varga, PhD

Dr. Zsolt Antal Varga, PhD

Senior Consultant Vascular Surgeon with an interest in Arterial surgery and teaching

Raigmore Hospital - Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

Dr. Jenneffer Pulapaka, DPM, ACFAS, CWSP, DABMSP, FACCWS

Dr. Jenneffer Pulapaka, DPM, ACFAS, CWSP, DABMSP, FACCWS

Senior Podiatric Surgeon with an interest in Diabetic Limb Salvage & Wound Care

Advent Hospital (formerly Florida Hospitals) - Volusia Co., Florida, United States of America

Dr. Caroline Rydmarker

Dr. Caroline Rydmarker

Consultant General Surgeon with an interest in ATLS, Acute Surgery and Leadership

Mediclinic Parkview Hospital - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Elaine Fiel

Dr. Elaine Fiel

Resident Physician with an interest in Internal Medicine

Phillips Memorial Hospital - Bukidnon, Philippines

Dr. Nippun Chakarvarty, MBBS, MS, FIAGES, FNB

Dr. Nippun Chakarvarty, MBBS, MS, FIAGES, FNB

Associate Professor with an interest in Minimal Access Surgery

Maharaja Agarsein Medical College - Agroha Haryana, India


PONSIST Partnership is based on mutual support and collaboration.
Our collaborations bear no financial compensation, but are based on the believe to make the world of Healthcare a little better together.

We support the mission and vision of these enterprises


sells amazing in-house designed apparel for Healthcare Professionals. All revenues generated at our store go straight into PONSIST. That's how we keep Healthcare Social Media fully autonomous and free to join. It’s a win for all really.

Because as much as we love you in scrubs, you ought to wear something else every now and then


is effectively reducing infections and deaths due to cross contamination by specialising inInfection Control

Bringing the powerful ability to design, develop and manufacture advanced devices to any hospital that is serious about (pre)cleaning surgical instruments and endoscopes

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Their sole mission on our planet is to deliver Excellence in Online Content to Earthlings

Arab Health by Informa Markets

Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai

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Not only does the event provide insights into the advancements of the healthcare industry, but dedicated CME accredited conferences and hands-on-training workshops provide the opportunity for growth in multiple fields and disciplines

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